Tourism in Niger



What you should see/visit

If you decide to visit Niger, it would be best if you planned to stay for several days as there are plenty of places to see and visit all over the country. Here is a selection of the most interesting ones:


  1. The National Museum of Niger
  2. The Great Market
  3. The Grand Mosque
  4. The Cathedral of Our Lady of Perpetual Help


  1. The Grande Mosque
  2. The Old Quarter
  3. The Tourist Office


  1. The Birni Quarter
  2. The Sultan’s Palace
  3. The Residence of Heinrich Barth
  4. The Grear Market
  5. The Regional Museum


  1. The Koure Giraffe Reserve
  2. The Air Mountains
  3. The W National Park
  4. The Niger Sahara



Best hotels

Based on the ratings given by their visitors the best hotels in Niger are:

Les Residences Fayel

Located at 3245 D Rue Kk-20 Koirakano, Niamey, it offers all the modern western amenities. It is a small hotel of only 27 rooms but it is the best Niger has to offer.

Djoliba Lodge

Address: 125 Rue Nb-49, Niamey. It is a nice clean hotel with very friendly personnel a very kind owner and, according to all the reviews, the best breakfast in Niamey.

Hotel de la Tapoa

Address: BP 12753, Niamey. A very good hotel located 2 hours drive outside Niamey. Clean and spacious rooms but with problems in electricity.

Grand Hotel du Niger

It is located in the center of Niger and it is a very old hotel that needs upgrading. But it is the best hotel for those who need access within the downtown area of Niamey.



Flights information

Flights from Europe and West Africa are on regular schedule to Niamey international airport with Air France being the only carrier providing direct flights from Europe. Air Niger has weekly flights between France and Niger.

Other options are provided by Royal Air Maroc with good connecting flights via Casablanca and Air Algerie with flights connecting through Algiers.

There are, of course, charter flights from Paris and Marseille to Niamey and Agadez through private companies and one mission aviation group (SIMAir).



Transport within the country

Niger is a poor nation and has not developed an extensive road network or a railway system. The distances between the cities are vast and the existing roads take the travelers through desert, mountain ranges and other natural obstacles. Recently the government has established a bus system to connect the big cities but there is no public transportation within each city.

Car rental is available but there are some issues to observe. It is inadvisable to more during the night in isolated areas. Danger can be met not only through animals but also through bandits. For those that still insist to drive an international driver’s license is required.

For transportation inside each city there are taxis available at standard charges. 200 francs for a short distance and 400 for a greater one. If a traditional method is selected there are still camel and horse drawn carriages available and frequently seen on the streets.